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Getting a pap sex before a pap smear smear is never an enjoyable experience, but it. Dr stewart reveals 11 things that doctors. T do before a pap test. Why my gynecologist said that i shouldn. T have sex for 48 hours before a pap smear appointment. Can my doctor really tell whether or not i have had sex.

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No penetrative sex 24 hours before a pap smear. It seems like a pretty intense rule, but there. S a serious reason we should pay attention, and it can have serious implications for our health. Hanging around making it difficult for your ob. Gyn to interpret the results. Sex before a pap smear when to have a pap smear. Can you have sex before a pap smear. Is important since women should have this test done by the age of 21 or within three years of their first sexual activity. You then need to have the test annually for a minimum of three years.

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A regular pap smear is a highly effective way to prevent cervical cancer. A pap smear can detect abnormal changes to the cervix long before they become cancerous. The key to its effectiveness, however, is to have one done regularly. Unfortunately, too many women don. T have a pap smear done often enough or don. How long to wait before and after pap smear to have sex. Will i cause my test to be inaccurate by having sex too soon before a pap smear.

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The majority of women are aware of the fact that sex before pap smear isn. If you do have intercourse you could simply tell your doctor about it. It may be even better to discuss the problem with your partner the night before. You can be sure that he will understand it and you will get accurate results the next day. T had a pap smear before, you might be a little nervous, says sangeeta sinha, md, from stonesprings hospital center. She says to remember.

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Is it okay to have sex the night before my pap smear, or could that mess with the test results. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra. Indications, benefits, and complications. Crystal on i had sex before a pap smear.

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