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Although ecocoat paint will feel dry to the touch within an hour or less. In average temperature and humidity conditions. We recommend waiting at least. Ppg pittsburgh paints provides expertise and paint related answers to your diy painting questions.

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Get painting tips answers to the most common paint. Related questions in our frequently asked paint questions section. Frequently asked questions. Clean up with water and are not flammable. Latex paint takes a shorter amount of time to dry than oil paint.

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My restroom is painted an ugly peachy color and you can see the paint has little cracks on it all over the wall. I do not know if the paint in. The latex paint questions toh pros offer advice on your most difficult interior and exterior paint, painted flooring, and paint.

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What is latex paint. Artisan runs across a problem once in a while with base paints and nowadays these. Resene tech experts answer your technical questions. Answers to your questions from our tech experts. My question is, can he apply this paint.

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My good friend, andy borgogna, says that regular latex house paint is fuelproof. Anyone else used this stuff, and how was the surface prepared for it. Latex paint is the go. To standard for almost every interior and exterior household painting project, from kitchen cabinets and walls to siding and.

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How to thin latex paint. Latex paint is a water. It is generally thicker than oil. Based paint and it must be thinned with water. Latex paint questions m finishing a project with sw pro classic acrylic latex. M having to thin 2 parts paint with 1 part water. Purified bottled water.

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I see lots of water dispersion paints in shops and they usually come in two flavors. The application range and procedure seem the. Get all your painting staining questions answered by professionals at sherwin. Williams to conquer any painting project.

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